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Your Survival Guide For Black Friday

Black Friday is a day that is full of crazed shoppers who will do anything to save big bucks. Unfortunately many people's values go right out the window during this shopping holiday so you have to be ready for anything. Therefore, the team at Cassandra have created a survival guide for those who are shopping on Black Friday:

  1. Strategize your finances: Avoid carrying large sums of cash and keep your credit card in a separate pocket when hitting the sales. Due to a report from Business Insider, crime rates increase during Black Friday - more so than other popular shopping holidays like Boxing Day.

  2. Shop in the daylight: While people may think shopping during the day is going to be much busier than shopping at night, usually it’s not the case. A CBC report informed that since the large majority of Black Friday shoppers go out at night to avoid the line ups, they actually end up experiencing a busier time slot opposed to the day time.

  3. Strength in numbers: Every shopper on Black Friday needs a teammate with them, whether it’s a family member or a friend. That extra set of eyes and hands will prove to be useful when sweeping the aisles for go-to deals, reaching for that last hoodie on the shelf, and or even protection against the crazy mob of shoppers.

  4. Shoppers Kits: Water, protein bars, fruit - you will need these amenities to survive the busiest shopping day of the year. While hungry shoppers will be waiting to order food in line-ups that drag on for blocks, you will be able to take advantage of their hunger and purchase the items you want, while feeling hydrated and fed.

  5. A Mobile Hub: You only have so many hands and so much strength to carry all your purchased products. This is why you should bring your vehicle and park it in the underground parking lot of Metrotown (that contains 9,500 parking spaces). Once you’ve run out of hands to carry all of your shopping bags, or once your’e getting tired from lugging around the weight, head down to your vehicle and put your belongings in your trunk. While many people are nervous about doing so, you will not have a problem due to Metrotown’s security system.

Let us know in the comment section below if you think these tips will help you, and check out what Cassandra Hotel is offering for Black Friday shopping packages right here.

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