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3 Reasons Why You Have To Book With Us On Black Friday

Black Friday shopping can be hectic and stressful so the team at Cassandra Hotel is offering a Black Friday Shopping Package that is designed to make your shopping experience a breeze.

Though, our complimentary shopping bag isn't the only reason why you should book with Cassandra Hotel on Black Friday. Read on to see our other two key points:

  1. Shopping Bag-To-Go: We were serious when we said we want to make your shopping day experience a breeze. Inside a complimentary Metropolis shopping bag will be a Metropolis visitor Metrocard that supplies you with discounts at select stores, a deals newsletter that has updated information regarding your favourite store’s deals, a Metrotown mall map created for efficiency and effectiveness that will ultimately increase your chances at attaining what you want, and Metrotown gift cards ranging as high as $50 for any purchase.

  2. Room Discounts: Shop, stay and save at Cassandra Hotel this Black Friday. We’re offering various discounts from now until December 1st so don’t hesitate to book now.

  3. Close to Metrotown: Travel with ease this Black Friday. Cassandra Hotel is just a short 7 minute drive to Metrotown. If you don’t have a vehicle, Cassandra is thankful to be located near Joyce Collingwood SkyTrain station which adds on only 6 additional minutes onto your commute.

Happy Shopping!

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