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5 Reasons Why You Should Shop At Metrotown On Black Friday

One of the best days to shop is finally upon us. This is the day to shop, and a clear indication of this buzz is when every newspaper you pick up is basically talking about all the amazing sales you’re going to witness on Thursday, November 27th.

Black Friday is quoted to be the biggest shopping days of the year by nearly every news outlet and we’re personally happy that it’s finally only 3 days away. Though, with the days dwindling down and everyone growing restless we thought to ourselves: With many different options for Black Friday, where is the area you should target for your shopping efforts?

After researching the top 5 malls in Vancouver for statistics like how many stores the malls have, what kind of sales they offer, their store hours, the efficiency of commuting to their location, we concluded that there was one mall that trumped the others: Metrotown.

Here are the 5 reasons why you should shop at Metrotown on Black Friday:

  1. Hundreds of stores: Metrotown is British Columbia’s largest shopping center that has over 450 shops and services. Here’s a quick list of the top stores: Hudson’s Bay, Sears, Target, Toys “R” Us, T & T Supermarket, Sport Chek, Chapters, Forever 21, H&M, Home Outfitters, Old Navy, Ann Louise Jewellers, Body Shop, Urban Behaviour, Winners, Zara, Aldo, and Chapters. I’m missing 432 other stores and services - that’s how big Metrotown is.

  2. Location and commuting: With Metrotown only being approximately 15 minutes away from Cassandra Hotel via SkyTrain for example, that means you’re only spending half an hour there and back which ultimately means you have more time to shop. (We’re happy over here at Cassandra).

  3. Family and kids friendly: Even though Metrotown will be busy on Black Friday, it’s still a convenient place to take small kids. There are plenty of family restrooms with changing tables, elevators and wide walkways for strollers, so compared to being crowded on the narrow streets of Robson you will definitely be more comfortable when shopping at Metrotown.

  4. The ability to relax: While shopping takes a lot out of you - especially on Black Friday, there are always relaxing things you can do right in Metrotown. There’s daily live entertainment where you can sit and observe, there’s also SilverCity Metropolis Cinema that offers up to 11 movies at the same time, so you definitely have options.

  5. Food: For quick bites or sit-down meals, Metrotown is renowned for their international food court that has over 40 options. Here’s a quick list of the these options: A&W, Arby’s, Burger King, Chop N Toss, Cultures, Curry Express, Izumi Sushi Restaurant, KFD, Kim Bo Ting Korean, Starbucks, Jugo Juice, Tim Hortons, DavidsTea.

Don’t be that person who misses out on all the amazing sales at Metrotown. Book with us now and receieve a Metrotown gift card and room discounts.

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